Cheap Grilling Ideas

Grill with ease knowing you can use more affordable cuts of meat during your next BBQ. For a burst of flavor that won’t cost a fortune, you could try marinating a slab of spareribs in homemade, regional barbecue sauce. And don’t forget the grilling classics like beef patties and hot dogs, topped with inexpensive staples like ketchup and mustard. And, you can always elevate your grilling staples with more, flavorful ingredients for your guests.

Grilled Honey and Garlic Spareribs

Made with zesty homemade dressing, plus fresh meat, cheese and veggies.

Pineapple-Orange Grilled Chicken Breasts

Light and packed with fresh, nutrient-rich flavors.

Bourbon Bacon Baked Beans

With a few simple additions, standard baked beans can be infused with bold flavor.

Strawberry BBQ Pork Chops

Layered with fresh homemade dressing, veggies and protein.

BBQ Side Dishes

Elevate your cookout with a parade of mouthwatering sides. Double down on side dishes that pack flavor and fiber, so your guests can fill up on more than the main protein. Wondering what to bring to a BBQ? If you're a guest, you can easily bring bold flavor with premade sides like coleslaw, baked potatoes, baked beans, potato chips, hummus, spinach dip and more.

Cheap BBQ Ideas for a Large Group

Bulk buying and smart planning are your allies here. Consider grilling chicken or cheeseburger sliders, or creating a make-your-own burger bar. Both are budget-friendly and quick-to-cook options that are sure to please a crowd.

Dishware Essentials

When it comes to throwing a BBQ on a budget, don’t forget about the plates, bowls, cups, silverware, napkins, tablecloths and more. You can make it easy on yourself and your guests by providing disposable dishware and cutlery. This option can help you save time when it comes to cleanup inside and outside of the kitchen. Plus, it’s inexpensive, you can buy in bulk and guests can conveniently discard their items when they’re done.

Don’t Forget Dessert

Now for the cherry on top of your BBQ on a budget…dessert. The sweetest way to beat the heat and wind down your BBQ festivities is to serve a variety of treats that everyone can enjoy. Another tip: Shop premade desserts to help you save on time, cleanup and so much more. You can go with a classic and pick up a batch of frosted cookies or brownies. Or, you can even pick up some dessert shells and make your own dessert filling with fresh fruit, whipped cream and more deliciousness.

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