How to Make Rolled Ice Cream

How to Make Rolled Ice Cream

Publish Date June 27, 2022

In summer, there’s no cooler way to cool down each day than with ice cream. Yet even America’s most popular dessert could use a little variety once in a while. Which brings us to rolled ice cream – rolled tubes of ice cream in a cup, covered with tasty toppings.

This frozen treat has likely popped up in your Instagram feed, especially during summertime. It’s often called Thai rolled ice cream or stir-fried ice cream. Though you might see it prepared in an ice cream shop, it’s easy enough to make yourself, and it’s fun to customize. Let’s explore how to make ice cream rolls at home.

The Preparation

You really only need two ingredients for this dessert – heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk – though you can jazz it up with as many sweet mix-ins as you want. The trickiest part of preparation might be finding space in the freezer for a rimmed baking sheet (or a couple of quarter-sheet pans) to sit flat.

Pour your mixture onto the baking pans, making sure the base is about 1⁄8" thick. If it’s too thin, it won’t curl after you freeze it. This is when you can add sprinkles into the mix. You can also consider such mix-ins as cookie or graham cracker crumbles, diced berries or Nutella...anything sweet will taste great. Then freeze, which should take at least 2 hours.

Making the Rolls

When you remove from the freezer, you’ll want a sharp, thin spatula about 3" wide – or a putty knife, as long as it’s thin enough to slide under the sheets of ice cream. Starting at the long side of the pan, run the spatula between the ice cream and the tray, pushing each strip at about a 45° angle so it rolls into a tight tube. Using tongs, stand each roll upright in a bowl, and place between 4-6 rolls into each bowl.

Tip: Freezing your bowl at least 15 minutes before rolling will keep the ice cream from melting.

How to Make Rolled Ice Cream

Learn how to make rolled ice cream this summer for a fun, homemade summer dessert.

Ice Cream Toppings

Now it’s time to garnish and serve. You can add whipped cream and sprinkles or get even more creative: If you added crushed cookies, for instance, top with a whole cookie for added effect. If you had diced berries in your mix, then top with a strawberry. Other types of candy can dress up your dessert, and you can add chocolate syrup, caramel or hot fudge for a finishing touch.

Ready to make ice cream rolls? Start with our classic recipe. For more inspiration, visit our Summer Shop.

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