Gather your familia and put a twist on tradition this holiday season. Explore sabores regionales that inspire, plus find recipes, savings, and your favorite antojos, in-store or online. 

Celebrate Día de Los Reyes

Día de Los Reyes is celebrated on January 6 and represents the day the 3 Wise Men gave gifts to Jesus Christ. The holiday wraps up with Christmas festivities, family gatherings and the exchange of gifts.

3 Kings Toys

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Find toys, candy and more fun sorpresas for the little ones.

3 Kings Food & Beverages

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Grab your family’s favorite foods and beverages for a great gathering.

Prepare the Masa

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Tasty tamales start with masa harina. Find your favorite variety to make your dough.

Gather All Your Savory Fillings

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From vibrant veggies to perfectly spiced meats...there are so many ways to customize your tamales. Toss in some leftover turkey for a festive filling.

Sweeten Things Up

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Para los que prefieren sin picar, sweeten things up! Make your tamales dessert-worthy with fresh fruits, jam, nuts and chocolate. 

Assembling Time

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Lay out your husks, grab your masa harina and gather your family so everyone can customize their tamales.

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