Common Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Problems Solved

Chocolate chip cookies on a baking sheet

Created by: Elisabeth McKnight, Bella the Blog

Chocolate chip cookies should be easy—but sometimes they taste amazing but look funny, or have that picture-perfect appearance and a less than delicious flavor. Try this no-fail guide from @BellatheBlog for consistent cookie perfection!

Have you ever whipped up a batch of cookies where the dough tastes fantastic but the cookies come out a little off? Maybe the edges were a little burnt or they spread out too much on the pan? Use this quick-fix guide and you'll have perfect cookies every time!

Tip: I love to bake a "test cookie"first to see if I need to do anything to my dough before baking the rest of them. Based on how that first cookie comes out, I can alter the rest.

Problem: Cookies are too flat.

If your cookies spread out too much on the pan, you need a bit more flour. Alternatively, if they don't spread at all, you may have added a bit too much. Did you know that you need a little more flour when you're cooking on a humid day or at a higher altitude?

Problem: Cookies aren't chewy enough.

Refrigerating your dough for half an hour before baking not only helps your cookies maintain their form, but it creates a chewier, more gooey cookie. Another thing that can affect the texture of your cookies is the consistency of your butter. For the perfect cookie, butter should be soft but not melted.

Problem: Cookies have crisp edges.

Some people love crisp cookies, but what I'm talking about here is that the edges are thin and crispy. This happens when you don't cream the butter and sugar well enough together, leaving small bits of butter that melt around the cookie as it bakes. Be sure to really cream your butter and sugar well before adding the eggs.