DIY Football Mason Jar Cups

Mason jars painted as footballs

Let the guests at your party drink out of footballs! Well, almost. Paint mason jar mugs in a few easy steps.

You Will Need:

  • Acrylic Paint in brown, black, white and your favorite team’s colors
  • Paint brushes
  • Recyclable container of water for cleaning brushes
  • Mason jar mugs for drinking glasses
  • Mason jars for utensil holders
  • (Advanced) print-out of your favorite football team’s logo


  1. Paint mason jar brown and let dry.
  2. Paint white football laces on top. You may need two coats to cover the brown paint.
  3. That’s it! They would look great next to the Game-Day Drink Bar, and guests get to take them home as a fun souvenir.
  4. Other options: paint team color stripes or black and white stripes like a referee uniform. Use jars without handles to hold straws or utensils.

For an advanced craft, stencil your favorite team’s logo onto the jar. Simply print out the logo sized to fit the jar, cut around lines, place onto jar and paint over it in the appropriate colors.