Tech Gifts for Recent Graduates

White table top with a flash drive, external hard drive, earbud headphones, spiral notebook and USB cord scattered about

Technology is a part of our everyday lives, and it has become a big part of professional success for new grads. Help the graduate in your life by gifting something truly useful to jump-start their next steps.

Cell phones: the Simple Mobile A 570, AT&T Alcatel Ideal and TracFone LG 52 each provide easy access to the web, email and the Google Play App store.

Chargers: what good is a phone if it’s dead? Grab your grad’s favorite color charger. Get one for the car, the house and to keep in their backpack. And for the times they’re stranded without access to an outlet, offer a portable charger.

Adapters: There are all sorts of clever adapters out there, like ones that turn the 12V socket in your car (aka cigarette lighter) into an electrical outlet (like you have at home). You can get adapters with multiple USB ports or a universal or multi-data charger. If the grad’s car is a little old school and doesn’t have an AUX port, you can get a tape deck with an auxiliary cord that plugs into the headphone jack of their cell phone. This allows the music collection on their phone or mp3 device to be enjoyed through car speakers.

Flash drive: also called a USB/memory stick. These generally come in 1GB-20GB capacities and are great for keeping certain files with you on the go. Transfer to and from computers for sharing, printing, or extra backup.

External/portable hard drive: For important documents like portfolio contents, school papers and valuable photos, you can never be too careful. Backing up files on an external hard drive is a safe way to store large quantities of files. If anything compromising happened to your computer, all your hard work would remain untouched and protected.

Software (likely more applicable to college graduates): What programs does this new professional need to access? In college, students often have free reign of expensive software through the library or computer labs. After school, as they journey on the job hunt, they’ll need to be ready for working on their own.

Website hosting fees: Online portfolios are an impressive way to showcase skills to employers. Cover the cost of the grad’s first annual fee as a way to say “Congratulations!”

Gift cards to app stores: Surprises are great, but sometimes only the recipient knows what they need. Perhaps it’s an app for project management, photo editing or budgeting—you don’t have to worry about it.

Bill pay for a month: It’s hard to get used to being a grown-up. Wouldn’t it be nice to skip all the bills? Help ease some stress by covering the cost of your grad’s phone or internet bill for a month. Let them use that money for something more fun.