5 Day Prep Plan for Stress Free Homegating

Tailgating essentials in a bucket

Minimize game-day stress by breaking down tasks into manageable chunks you can tackle with enthusiasm (and without exhaustion!) in the days leading up to your party.

Often we leave everything until the day prior, and not only does it feel overwhelming, but it leaves us a bit behind on sleep come party day. Starting a few days ahead time means you’ll only have little jobs to do each day.

[Wednesday] Four days prior, deep clean and de-clutter the house and garage. Now’s the time to get rid of those donation boxes you’ve held onto all summer and give the whole bathroom a good wipe-down. Draft the layout of seating, televisions and tables you want for party setup.

[Thursday] Three days before the party, mow the lawn shorter than normal and make sure to get rid of standing water to minimize mosquitos. Organize hoses, wipe down outdoor tables and chairs, and deadhead flowers if you’re feeling extra motivated.

[Friday] Two days prior, finalize the menu and make your grocery list. Today is the day to get everything you need for food, beverages and décor. Don’t forget propane or charcoal if you’re grilling.

[Saturday] The day before the party, prep all the food you can. Chop veggies, portion dip, make beverages and cook whatever doesn’t need to be served hot. You can also rearrange furniture to maximize space and game viewing options. Lastly, decorate! Think balloons, streamers and even flowers.

[Sunday] On game day all you’ll have to do is cook a few dishes and set out the drinks, appetizers and dessert you’ve already prepared. Now you can enjoy yourself!