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Cafe Altura Organic Regular Roast Coffee

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Coffees delicate taste is affected by how it is grown, so Cafe Altura takes special care in growing, picking and processing each and every coffee bean. Each tree is harvested three times during the season, picking only the ripened red berries. The coffee is then washed in rainwater and dried under the sun to bring out the fullest flavor.

Cafe Altura chooses only the superior grade beans, then the coffee is hand sorted to remove any unevenly sized beans.This ensures the most consistently even roasting and eliminates any trace of bitterness from burnt beans.

Cafe Altura farmers use organic practices that follow and foster coffee's natural cycle. Organic cultivation and fertilization provide coffee trees with the proper nutrients to produce a rich, healthy crop which in turn creates rich, enjoyable coffee.

Organic farming conserves and enriches valuable topsoil and enhances the long term production of each Cafe Altura farm. We closely monitor each step in the gathering, transporting, and preparation of our coffee. No pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers of any kind are used on Cafe Altura coffee products. Meet our Growers!

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