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The term probiotics applies to bacteria that promote health when ingested by mouth as live preparations. Research on probiotics documents a variety of benefits for humans. Best Probiotic supplies six strains of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus probiotics with proven benefits for digestive and whole-body health. Probiotics can be measured in Colony Forming Units (CFU), each unit roughly equivalent to one viable probiotic cell.

The intestinal tract contains a wide variety of bacteria that is an important contributor to the body''s healthy immune response. it also naturally shelters hundreds of different bacterial strains, a dynamic community of microorganisms that in turn contribute to healthy digestion and immunity. This mutually beneficial eco-system of bacteria symbiotic with the human body helps ensure healthy gastrointestinal function. Probiotics can help ensure efficient digestive extraction of energy and nutrients from food.

Helps replenish healthy intestinal flora

Enhances digestion and bowel regularity

Promotes overall intestinal health

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