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GreenAir Nature Mist Essential Oil Diffuser

UPC: 0081190901602
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Stylish Faux Wood Base Design

Simple and Elegant Design

Ultrasonic Aromatic Diffuser

Personal Mist Control

Warm, Changing LED Light

The Nature Mist is the ultimate essential oil diffuser to harness the power of therapeutic grade essential oils. Its ultrasonic power will vaporize your favorite oil shingles and blends sending the healthy aromas to every area of the room.

Aroma Answers for Every Situation

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. Today the aromatherapy benefits of diffusing essential oils vary. They can help boost your mood, relieve depression, help with relaxation, and increase energy.

For household usage, diffuse essential oils to clean kitchen odors, freshen a bathroom or detoxify the air.

Start Diffusing! Try These Favorite Essential Oils

Lavender Oil for a Relaxation

Orange Citrus Oil for Energy and Mood

Grapefruit Oil for Liveliness

Essential Oils Not Included


Model / No 00602

Finish / Faux Wood

Special Features / Continuous Intermittent LED Lights

Capacity / 250 ml

Run Time / Up to 8 hours continuous, or 16 hours intermittent

Coverage / Up to 1,000 Sq Ft

Voltage / 100-240V AC