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ISS Research OhYeah!® Total Protein System Vanilla Creme

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OH YEAH! Total Protein System is formulated to be used as a part of a well balanced diet to include whole foods and other protein sources. Containing an abundant natural source of quick - digesting branched-chain amino acids , a serving of OH YEAH! Total Protein System is essential to have either thirty mintues before or thirty minutes after exercise. The unique protein blend will help you power through your training while providing lean muscle support and recovery.

Your individual nutritional requirements will vary depending on your current body weight , level of activity and gender.


No matter your goal, the path to success requires structured nutrition that supports the foundation of peak athletic performance: lean muscle and reduced body fat. Built on 32g of the most complete proteins, each serving provides your body with the nutrition it needs without excess calories from fat and sugar. Enhanced with fast-burning medium-chain triglycerides for an immediate source of energy as well as Omega-6 EFA''s to aid in recovery, Oh Yeah! Total Protein System is your ultimate structured nutrition source. Elevate your game, choose your nutrients wisely and introduce your body to an improved level of metabolic support where limits do not exist.