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Seventh Generation Regular Maxi Pads

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Features and Benefits

-- Whitened without chlorine - no residues from chlorinated hydrocarbons, including dioxin-- Absorbent pulp is Totally Chlorine Free-- Safer for sensitive skin - free of irritating dyes or fragrances-- Secure, no-slip adhesive provides security-- Individually wrapped - clean, discreet, and practical-- Contoured pad curves for a comfortable fit-- Cottony soft cloth-like cover-- Packaged in recyclable polyethylene.

You Are Making a Difference™Your choice of our chlorine free ultra-thin pads helps reduce the amount of chlorinated toxins, including dioxin, polluting our air, water, and soil, and helps make the world a safer, healthier place for your family and generations to come.

  • Safe, Reliable, Comfortable Protection
  • Now You Can Get the Absorbency and Comfort You Want in a Maxi Pad that's Totally Chlorine Free!

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