The long and diverse history of México and its food has led to the complex cuisine we know and love today. La comida is so important to the culture that preparation and cooking are typically a social event and a time to maintain and grow relationships. Get inspired by recetas mexicanas with a twist, shop traditional items, plus find savings on everything you need to put some sabor on your table.

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Nothing says Mexican food like a mouth watering sope! Watch the video and click here for step-by-step instructions.

From the intricate flavors that make up a carefully-prepared mole sauce to a refreshing and simple guacamole, la comida mexicana has something for every palate.

One of the hallmarks of Mexican cuisine is corn, which is found in nearly every dish. Whether it’s eaten whole – like a delicious elote – or ground into a meal and used to create tortillas or sopes, corn is an essential ingredient in this flavorful cuisine.

In addition to traditional favorites such as garlic, onions, cilantro, cumin and chiles, the traditional spice epazote adds a strong, earthy flavor to many mouthwatering dishes. In many recipes, you’ll find creative use of cinnamon, cloves and cocoa in ways not seen anywhere else in North America.

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