Account Funding FAQs

Account Funding Frequently Asked Questions

    Account funding is available in all banner locations except Harris Teeter. Visit your local store for more details.

    Yes, limits vary by provider. See provider for details.

    Fees may apply, see provider for details.

    Generate a barcode from the app or digital account you are trying to load and simply scan at the register to complete your transaction. Note, barcodes typically expire an hour after being generated.

    Yes, barcodes expire, and the time varies by provider. Please see provider for details.

    Refunds are not available through the store. If there are any issues loading funds, please visit the account provider’s website or app for additional support.

    No, you will need to fund your digital account in a separate transaction.

    In most cases, funds are available almost immediately once the transaction is complete. We also recommend keeping your receipt until you see the funds posted.

    No, you must complete the transaction with cash only.

    At this time, you can only fund your account with cash however some stores do offer cash checking – see store for details. Restrictions and check cashing fee may apply.

    Barcodes expire so if it expires, you’ll need to create a new one. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the provider for further troubleshooting.

    At this time, you cannot fund your account with a credit card. Transactions are cash only.

    1. Generate a barcode within the app for the account you are attempting to add funds to.
    2. Scan barcode at a register in one of our stores. Note, transactions of $1,000.00 or more will need to be completed at our Money Services Desk.
    3. Enter the dollar amount that is to be loaded into the account.
    4. Select ‘Pay Now’ and insert Cash into the Machine or hand cash over to the store associate.
    5. Transaction is complete and funds should be posted in your account in approximately 10 minutes.

    The in-app barcode location will vary based on the vendor. Please reach out to the vendor if you are unable to locate.

    No, at this time you can only complete a transaction using cash.

    If you have the barcode for the account, yes, you can deposit funds.